Sammilyn Croal

“My name is Sammilyn, an undergraduate General Psychology student at the American University of Peace Studies “ My journey at the American University of Peace studies is one I wished I had started earlier in my life. The program has been an enlightening and eye-opening experience. Through the program, I have received greater knowledge in understanding cognitive, emotional, and behavioural processes and the factors that influence those from various perspectives, which has equipped me with skills to become a better version of myself, to others around me and also to understand these individuals better.

The curriculum has effectively increased my communication, and public speaking skills through hands-on experience, research projects, meaningful connections with fellow students, and community engagement. It has also empowered me to think more critically which has helped me to solve problems more efficiently and effectively. In addition to that, the program focuses on holistic well-being which has made me discover my hidden creativity in dramatic arts.

In conclusion, studying with the American University of Peace Studies has given me peace of mind and peace with myself, since I am better able to understand myself and the people around me. I am now more confident as an individual. Finally, I would recommend individuals to come on board to study psychology, at the American University of Peace Studies who is truly committed to peace through academic education. In my journey, I have come to realize that psychology is not a regular academic field but it is life. To those individuals working in the public sector, who deal with numerous individuals daily, from different environments, backgrounds, and cultures, I encourage you to enroll in the general psychology course, to be readily equipped with the knowledge to better understand those individuals who will lead to better services being offered and received to customers, clients and patients, with better services being offered to customers, clients and patients this will create positive attitudes, outcomes, and lead to a peaceful working environment”.

Sammilyn Croal

Undergraduate General Psychology Student

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