Academic Admission Policy


The American University of Peace Studies admission policy and practices are designed to put into effect the following principles:

Admission offers are made to applicants who are judged to have the background and abilities to have a reasonable expectation of success in the program to which they are made to offer and who are likely to benefit from a life skills university study of program.

Admission offers are made broadly on merit based on demonstrated ability and achievement , but may also take account of others factors academic achievement, but may also take account of others factors such as demonstrated commitment and specific achievements related to particulars fields of endeavor.

In its admissions, the University seeks to provide access to persons address under- representation of specific community groups in university education. i.e adult students.

In its admissions, the University seeks to engage with and serve its communities, including the residents of Guyana, the Caribbean region in which the University may also seek to achieve strategic objectives through its admissions.

Where the number of places in a programs limited by a quota, places will be offered in order to merit of applicants.


Students will be exempted from entry requirements in special cases as outlined by the Board of Directors i.e. Scholarships, Government subsidized programs or Special Program Initiatives.

Students who are requesting exemptions upon entrance to a program offered by the university will have to submit along with his or her application for entrance, an official letter seeking specific exemptions within the program and supporting documents.

The application will be reviewed accordingly to determine which students may qualify for exemptions based on academic standards; in keeping with the study area and what programs and credits students may have earned already.

Exemptions are treated on a case by case basis and also apply to students/individuals who possess exceptional skills or have achieved high standards in a particular area related to the program or honor seeking.


Students requesting transfers from one program to another within the American University of Peace Studies must complete a transfer request form. The student must reach necessary entry requirement to be granted transfer request or based on the new program student is seeking, necessary credit achievements and experience will be assessed to determine if student is eligible for transfer.

Code of Conduct Statement

The university is a community of scholars in which the ideals of freedom of inquiry, freedom of thought, freedom of expression, and freedom of the individual are sustained.

However, the exercise and preservation of these freedoms and rights require a respect for the rights of all in the community to enjoy them to the same extent. It is clear that in a community of learning, willful disruption of the educational process, destruction of property, and interference with the orderly process of the university as defined by the university’s administration or with the rights of other members of the university cannot be tolerated.

Students enrolling in the university assume an obligation to conduct themselves in a manner compatible with the university’s function as an educational institution. To fulfill its functions of imparting and gaining knowledge, the university retains the power to maintain order within the university and to exclude those who are disruptive to the educational process.

Leave of Absence

Students requesting a leave of absence from a program offered by the university must write an official letter to the Director of Administration stating explicitly the reason for a LOA and the specifics of student’s return and any other relevant information.

Also, copies of supporting documents must be attached for the request to be processed.