Forensic Psychology

Kindly note that you need a diploma or a certificate in Psychology to do this programme.

There is a partial scholarship of 100k for students who would have completed the Diploma Programme with AUOPS.

There are 18 courses in the BSc Programme:

  1. Ethical Practices in Forensic Psychology
  2. Intersections of Crime, Psychology and the Law
  3. Legal Issues in Forensic Psychology
  4. Profiling of Serial Killers
  5. Forensic Laboratory Skills
  6. Forensics Ballistics
  7. Hostage Negotiations
  8. Cyber Crimes
  9. Terrorism
  10. Family Violence
  11. Child Custody
  12. Abnormal Psychology
  13. Social Psychology
  14. Rehabilitation and Reintegration of Offenders
  15. Sentences and Stature of Limitation
  16. Risk Assessment
  17. Juvenile Crime and Justice
  18. Thesis/Research