Here are 17 courses that you will need to complete in the Diploma programme in Counseling:

  1. Counselling Theories
  2. Race, sexuality development
  3. Personal growth and development
  4. Introduction to social work
  5. Multicultural counselling
  6. Grief therapy Loss and Bereavement
  7. Child and adolescent psychology
  8. Introduction to school counselling
  9. Counselling Practicum one
  10. Counselling techniques
  11. Introduction to group counselling
  12. Domestic abuse and family counselling
  13. Substance abuse counselling
  14. Psychology of health and wellness
  15. Abnormal psychology
  16. Social, legal and Ethical Framework
  17. Counselling practicum Two

The programme is accredited by the National Accreditation Council of Guyana. The diploma is also accepted internationally.