Center launched to research contemporary issues in Guyana

The American University of Peace Studies (AUOPS) has officially launched its Center of Research & Strategic Thinking, geared towards promoting innovative and scientific research at the social, economic, political, environmental, and technological levels.

This center will also conduct poll sampling surveys as it relates to contemporary issues in Guyana as well as research on current issues so that the relevant stakeholders can use the information from the studies to guide policy decisions, thus, enhancing the welfare of Guyanese society.

During a press conference held by the university on Wednesday, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the AUOPS, Dr Eton Simon shared that research was imperative for the development and transformation of our country. He highlighted that with research readily available, people would be able to make informed decisions that would benefit our country’s growing economy and advance our human resources.

“We should have research centers in every corner of this country, conducting research in all different topics. And if we can have that, we will make a tremendous breakthrough, because the pace of research will bring you critical information, will bring you vital knowledge so that you can make the right decision. But if you don’t have the knowledge, how can you make decisions? you’re not going to get it on social media, they’re not going to give it to you because they don’t have it,” Simon explained.

“The kind of research that we’re talking about here is innovative scientific research. And this type of research is going to transform Guyana,” the CEO added.

Additionally, the Director of Curriculum and Academic Affairs at the university, Dr Nandanie Ramsarran explained that these surveys would be conducted periodically and information gathered would be disseminated to the general public and relevant authorities in both the Government and the Private sector who can address the needs of citizens and make a change.

“We have a number of issues, for example, persons are complaining a lot about healthcare issues in Guyana. So, what our research center will basically do is to see what is it that is causing the downfall in the healthcare system, and when the research is done, present those findings that we would have analysed to the relevant persons in the Government or even the Private Sector who will take it on board and move forward with it,” Dr Ramsarran explained.

She added that the public would also have access to this information, which w further serve as a form of accountability for those who have been presented this information to make a change.

“When they are presented, then at least the public is aware that we would have presented the findings. What is it now that as a Government body, we are going to do about that? It’s our (the AUOPS) responsibility to conduct the research, present the findings and allow them to take it and make a change, because we do need change and an urgent change,” Ramsarran remarked.

The research will be conducted by a body of professionals as well as students of the university and information will be disseminated to the public via press releases, meetings, and the media. This initiative is sponsored by stakeholders of the AUOPS and other independent bodies.

The American University of Peace Studies has been facilitating Guyanese and International Students in qualifying and upgrading their knowledge and skills to function in this dynamic society for over 22 years. It is a research-based institution that focuses on using empirical data to facilitate the needs of the populace.

Source: Guyana Times