Student Testimonials

I wish to thank the American University of Peace Studies for the knowledge, confidence and experience that I have gained from studying Clinical Psychology. The University’s staff especially Dr. Eton Simon was always supportive and helpful towards my academic pursuance.

I feel more empowered and grounded since I started to study Clinical Psychology at the American University of Peace Studies. This exciting psychological field has definitely assisted me in my philanthropic works and other fascinating life skills.

Sandra Tularam

My experience at AUOPS was life changing. I pursued a degree in Clinical Psychology which helped me not only to understand others but to know, understand and develop myself.

The teaching and guidance I received has helped me in many areas and I would definitely recommend the American University of Peace Studies to those who have the desire to attain a higher education.

Onica Hinds

I was privileged to have been introduced to American University of Peace Studies through a former colleague. I attended one workshop on Psychology and was amazed by the presentation of the Professor that immediately I decided that I then knew what I wanted to be: a Psychologist. Without hesitation, I immediately signed up and received a partial scholarship to pursue my studies.

The experience has been life-changing: I learnt to be aware of my thoughts, feelings and actions and I am seeing positive transformation each day of my life. Studying Life skills is indeed is an awesome experience.

Jennel Williams

I graduated from the American University of Peace Studies in 2014, with a diploma in Psychology and a bachelor’s degree in Clinical Psychology.

For many years I taught Literacy and English to children, youth and adults and realized that there was a psychological disconnect to learning in most cases, so I decided to enroll at the American University of Peace Studies.

My learning at that university was quite pleasant as I was given the encouragement and opportunities to develop my innate abilities. I became empowered to expand my horizons in the areas of my studies, which has allowed me to more effectively serve in my chosen fields.

Carol Mancey

As a student of AUOPS I was not only afforded the opportunity to study Psychology and Psychotherapy, but also to use aspects of my studies to navigate a path of enlightenment, motivation and mental health.

The program further progressed into research and practice as workshops served to reach individuals at all levels of need. I consider it a great privilege to fulfill my purpose through this wonderful experience.

June Henry