Mission Statement

To establish an International Peace Institution for the teaching of Life Skills based education on higher learning; to conduct research on issues vital for the promotion and sustainability of peace among individuals, groups, nations and inner peace and to stimulate co-operation and unity among peoples of all races; to reduce conflict and to promote non-violence.

Vision Statement

The vision of the American University of Peace Studies is to improve the human condition, both locally and internationally, by preparing students to meet the needs of a changing society through the utilization of life skills programs, to encourage personal and professional growth and development.

The University’s Mandate

Our mandate is to improve quality delivery of program content and turn out standards. We continue to guarantee the public – both local and overseas, of our standing commitment to life skills advocacy, training and development.
Enjoy our peaceful environment, excellent staff and cutting edge programs; this is based on the evolution of the global consciousness in the new global village of development.

We believe that development can only be achieved with the development of peace, stability, respect to human rights and rule of law in a democratic environment, all of which are the pillars on which our programs are based. We also believe that the critical element of life skills must be included to provide an option along with the conventional systems.

We must be the change we wish to see!

Mahatma Gandhi