Student Support

American University of Peace Studies aims to provide a personalized, innovative teaching and supportive learning environment in which students receive a valuable educational experience.

This occurs within a partnership framework in which students are responsible for their learning, proactively supported by the university, with the intention of fostering their independence and identifying and responding to individual student’s needs.

American University of Peace Studies seeks to support each student to achieve their potential through early identification of, and response to, personal and academic issues which have the potential to adversely affect their educational achievement.

The Policy

This policy is intended to provide staff and students with information regarding their responsibilities to ensure that adequate support is provided to meet the needs of the student. The policy also aims to assist in the identification of students who require additional personal or academic support and to ensure appropriate interventions are implemented to enable a student to realize their full potential to successfully complete their studies.

The university will endeavour to identify students needing additional support so that the intervention is respectful, timely, equitable, consistent and a procedurally fair process.

The University will:

  • Have in place operational strategies to identify students who require additional support to increase the likelihood of completion of their academic studies
  • Promote positive mental health and well-being of its student body through a range of educational and support initiatives
  • Communicate clearly, information about support services to university staff and students
  • Encourage students with academic or personal support needs to access support from relevant internal and external support services;
  • Educate staff to develop informed views, behaviours and attitudes towards students requiring additional academic or personal support;
  • Have effective procedures in place for the disclosure of information in respect to students with academic or personal support requirements;
  • Have in place effective procedures for dealing with student incidents

While the university is committed to providing a supportive environment, there are, of necessity, limits to the extent of the support which can be provided and it is not the responsibility of the university to replicate services that already exist in the community.

The university has its own policies and procedures for the maintenance of good conduct and safeguarding academic standards that apply to all students studying at the American University of Peace Studies irrespective of their specific supportive needs.