The Mayor and City Council (M&CC), in collaboration with the Peace Pilgrim Foundation and the American University of Peace Studies, has unveiled the restored ‘Peace Pole’ in the City Hall Compound.City Mayor Patricia Chase-Greene said on Monday that City Council is working assiduously to ensure Georgetown returns to its former ‘the Garden City’ glory. She said efforts to return the city to this status must be done in a peaceful manner.

“We must work to strengthen the peace of our nature; peace among our communities; peace within the environment; peace among individuals; and most of all, our inner peace,” said the Mayor.

Echoing the sentiments of Mayor Chase-Greene was assistant Town Clerk Sherry Jerrick. She said it is the vision of the City Council to develop Georgetown into a city that is healthy, peaceful and clean. Jerrick noted that the Mayor and City Council “does not stand only as a legal instrument, but as an instrument of peace.”

And Dr. Eton Simon, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Executive Chairman of the American University of Peace Studies, and Friend of the Peace Pilgrim Foundation, expressed gratitude to the M&CC for fostering the efforts towards restoring the Peace Pole, and by extension renewing the restoration of peace.

Dr. Simon said the Peace Pilgrim Foundation is one which spreads the message of peace, while stressing that good must be used to overcome evil, truth to overcome falsehood, and love to overcome hate. “Only good can overcome evil,” he said.

Collis Spencer-Drake, Administrative Director of the American University of Peace Studies, said the Peace Pole is not merely an object of decoration, but serves as a reminder to keep peace in the thoughts of all citizens always.

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