Dedicated to promoting Peace and Life Skills studies

Peace Studies

The American University of Peace Studies, a Higher Learning Life Skills Based Educational Institution was established to promote Life Skills teachings to serve as a means to empower people in challenging situations to acquire knowledge, and to develop attitudes and skills, which support the adoption of healthy behaviors.

We believe education is one of the key defenses against Conflict, Violence, Abnormal Behavior, HIV/AIDS and ethnic discrimination. A critical response to these challenging issues is to ensure access to compulsory Life Skills of good quality and Life Skills Based Education must be considered part of a quality education.

The American University of Peace Studies is dedicated to promoting Life Skills studies that have evaluated skills based programs, practical tools and materials for those ready to implement Life Skills Based Education in: Social Science, Counseling, Health Education, Human Rights, Conflict Resolution, and HIV/AIDS prevention.

Its programs serve as a useful tool to assist humanity in making decisions and to take positive actions in changingbehaviors and environments to promote health and safety, and to create a more peaceful world.
American University of Peace Studies also provides non-traditional students andworking adults with more options and opportunities for success. In today’scompetitive workforce, higher education is an important component in determining advancement potential and earning power.

Adult students are one of the fastest growing segments at most two year programs of higher education. The trend is evident at the American University of Peace Studies — part time enrolment has increased significantly in the last several years as working adults recognize the importance of remaining marketable in an increasingly competitive workplace.


The American University of Peace Studies increases access and opportunities for adults to earn their diplomas and degrees in a timely manner while continuing to fulfill work and family commitments.

It is an alternative service delivery model for higher model for higher education, tailored for working adultsand their unique needs.


Working adults face some unique challenges in terms of preparing for a return to the classroom. The AUOPS recognizes this and incorporates career counseling, academic advising, evening and weekend courses into the programme and utilizes the cohort learning format to provide a co-dependent supportive environment, and building camaraderie among students.

The American University has conducted extensive Life Skills Training and outreach programs to a large cross section of Guyanese includingGovernment agencies. NGOS, Schools, Businesses, Prison, Police, Military, Customs & Immigration and Religious Organizations.